Hastings Lake Gardens
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We offer a charmingly unique wedding ceremony facility. Currently there are 2 ceremony locations to choose from, one indoor and one outdoor. Everything you see below is what you get, but with each year and season the locations may look a bit different. We have grouped them into 3 main areas below.

Gardens & Gazebo - a manicured sanctuary.

Follow the spacious flower lined pathways. Beginning with the vine covered cedar pergola, crossing over the Love Bridge which hovers a rocky creek waterfall. Stop in and gaze into the reflection pond or take a seat in the shady Balsam Trees. Moving through the pathways you will come upon the Old Castle Ruins, which are not that old at all! Here you will find two 400 lbs concrete chairs, roses galore and a 6' giraffe peeking through one of the gothic windows that 'remain'. Take a left and you will see where the owners live, a beautiful flower bed surrounding a butterfly chair and a couple Rapa Nuis on the hill's edge. Take a right and head towards the signature 1600 sq. ft. band stand gazebo. This gazebo got a few minutes of fame featured in the movie "Snow Day". Truly a stunning place to get married, with natural acoustics and covered with vines. Heading down the wide staircase of the gazebo you will walk along a slate path, through the seating area for the weddings. This is also the aisle which will bring the bride to her groom. You will go under an archway and come across the Bistro area. With a great view of the entire yard, this is where we monitor the wedding and play the music. 

What you get:

  • 3 hours allotted time
  • Chairs to seat up to 200 guests
  • Signing table and 2 chairs
  • Pew markers for the centre aisle
  • Wedding rehearsal with coordinating
  • Stereo system & Microphone
  • White quick up tents for inclement weather
  • Free parking for all guests  

The Church & Back Yard

Flowers not your thing? Want to go more natural? We have that too! You can book the church for your wedding if it's on the more intimate side, or use the allotted time after your wedding in the gardens for pictures in this area.  There are over 5 acres of quiet country side in the back. As you stroll down through the trees from the parking lot, you will see many pathways and watering holes. This is where you will likely see beaver or other wildlife.  Keep going up to the fork in the road and take a left through the swinging gate. Around the quiet corner, you will come to a magnificent church hand built by Terry. Using reclaimed barn wood for everything but the flooring and the frame, he created a masterpiece. From the creaky doors, old church bell, vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows, there is so much history here. Fun fact: a little bit of hollywood as well...The rocks along the bottom of the church are from the movie "Legends of The Fall"! You will notice sets and props for photo opportunities all over the land. A few popular ones are the Vintage Democrat Stage coach, The old 1950's Fargo, and a Tractor that still works! You can tie your horse up to the hitching post but be careful you might want to keep him close, as there have been Sasquatch sightings! A double seater outhouse is always a good idea. And the oversize swing set is another very popular photo location. The Church fits up to 100 guests making this your true old school wedding. The Bells will be ringing!

What you get:

  • 3 hours allotted time
  • Some potted flowers, mainly natural setting
  • Church pews to seat up to 100 guests
  • Wedding rehearsal with coordinating
  • Free parking for all guests
  • Small sound system can be provided.

Other Photo locations

A collection of some fun spots to stop and shoot, always adding and changing to keep things fresh. Latest addition is our little Sprite camper!