Hastings Lake Gardens

Who we are


1999 Purchased the Greenhouse business
2000 Moved the Gazebo onto the property
2000 Had our first wedding
2001 Expanded with Perennial greenhouse
2003 Pathways were built
2004 Castle was built
2007 Garden was put in
2009 Opened the Church doors
2013 Widened the driveway
2015 Phone Booth in place
2018 Added Sprite!
2019 Celebrating 20 years!!




From the early months of the year until the first snowfall, Dot and Terry Ziegler are busy maintaining and developing their 20 acres. 20 years ago, they retired from their successful careers as a lab and x-ray technician and tower crane operator, and decided to take on a completely new opportunity to purchase this greenhouse business. The don't have a clue how many lives they have touched and days they have brightened with their hard work.

The greenhouses are open May and June every year, where they are growing plants for retail as well as their own use. Once the greenhouses are closed, the focus shifts to weddings! The venue was no accident. It has taken years of developing and landscaping to get it to what it is today, the work is never done as the seasons are constantly changing. It is here that they spend their time if they are not on the golf course or visiting their grandkids. 

As a family run greenhouse business, you can find daughters, friends and relatives around that's a guarantee! Combined, the business has over 40 years growing experience within 16000 sq. feet of beautifully clean and organized space. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always there to assist you with all of your gardening needs.  So whether designing a new yard, planting a garden or just picking out your bedding plants, a visit to Hastings Lake Gardens is a must. They have a wonderful selection to choose from, and their plants and service truly are second to none.