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Wedding Coordination with
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Meet Courtney Coulombe, an esteemed event professional passionate about creating memorable experiences. Her journey began in family gatherings, managing food, scheduling, and décor, cherishing each event’s meaningful moments.

In 2014, at a trade show, Courtney had her “Aha!” moment. If she wanted to pursue event planning full time, she needed additional education. Consequently, she enhanced her skills, completing an Event Management certificate from NAIT. This was complementary to her Fashion Design and Apparel Production Diploma from Marvel College.

Albeit her early achievements, Courtney was determined to further her expertise. In 2015, she founded Planit Events Inc., dedicated to serving the local community. In just four years, she achieved recognition as the Outstanding Professional Event Planner at the 2019 Edmonton Event Awards. Not only is Courtney an ILEA member since 2015, but she also served on the Edmonton Chapter Board from 2016 to 2021.

Courtney brings a wealth of experience and dedication to every client. Her logistical skills and commitment make her invaluable to the Hastings Lake Gardens experience. Additionally, she ensures that not only her vision but the client’s vision becomes a reality. Moreover, her commitment to excellence and passion for creating memorable experiences are unparalleled.

In conclusion, Courtney’s journey, although analogous to many, stands out. Her success is not only attributable to her education but also to her dedication and hard work. All in all, she serves as an inspiration in the world of event planning.

What is the On-Site Ceremony Coordinator?

At Hastings Lake Gardens, we understand that your wedding day is a momentous occasion deserving of meticulous wedding coordination. With the support of Planit Events Inc, our dedicated wedding team goes beyond ensuring a smooth ceremony. Offering 1-4 on-site coordinators, we tailor each moment to your unique vision, ensuring a graceful entrance for the bridal party. Our commitment extends as dedicated coordinators remain on-site throughout, addressing any issues and warmly welcoming guests.

For ceremonies featuring musical accompaniment, we collaborate seamlessly with the chosen musicians, ensuring a harmonious and well-timed experience. At Hastings Lake Gardens, our dedication is unwavering—we aim to make your special day not only seamless but also joyous. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we are here for you every step of the way, creating memories that last a lifetime in the breathtaking setting of Alberta’s landscapes.

Wedding Coordination from Hastings Lake Gardens and Events

Courtney simply doesn’t miss a detail. From speaker and panel information, to event flow and logistics, to the smallest details of backstage support, she’s come up with an answer days (or weeks) before you think of the question.